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A Bit About Me

 I discovered my passion 18 years ago, at which time I was inspired to pursue a creative challenge alongside my professional career as a nurse. I pushed myself further into this world that I adored, and to allow myself more time to invest in and grow my craft, I went from being a full-time to part-time nurse. This also allowed me the opportunity to begin working for MAC Cosmetics, where I could do what I love even more regularly. The talented people that I have met and the skills and techniques that I have gained as an artist have been life-changing. And I have been incredibly rewarded by being able to give a little back by volunteering to work with organizations such as Make-a-Wish.

And I still balance two careers? You bet. The two are so important to me that I have intertwined them both as part of my everyday life. Working part-time as a nurse while continuing in my roles as a makeup artist allows me to be able to help people on different levels. When I’m not immersed in my career passions, I enjoy yoga, spending time with my dog, Bowie, and sipping every type of hot beverage I can get my hands around – better still if with good friends and great conversations. I have also starting painting and improving my Spanish.

Why Makeup by Lita if my name is Ashley, you ask?  I chose Lita for my business name to keep some separation between my creative and personal lives. But where does Lita come from? Well, you see, my mother calls me Ashlita. So, the duality in my life and career is reflected in the name Makeup by Lita!

About Me : Bio
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